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Dan Mask Tee (White)
Dan Mask Tee (White)
Dan Mask Tee (White)
Kaliworks Kenya

Dan Mask Tee (White)

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Dan masks come from the dan tribe who can be found in Ivory Coast, and Liberia.  The Dan are musically orientated and used masks in their celebrations. Dancers would wear the masks and  get into a deep trance  connecting with the spiritual world. They would bring forth messages of wisdom from the spirit world.

Artwork by Naitiemu Nyanjom 



Tees are made using a unique blend of 65% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles  and 35 % cotton. Each t- shirt recycles
two plastic bottles or more.


Measurements: ALL UNISEX


width - 15.5 inches

length - 25.5 inches 



width - 16 inches

length - 26 inches 



width - 19 inches

length - 26.5 inches 



width - 19.5 inches

length - 28 inches 


XL :

width - 29.5 inches

length - 29 inches